IN USE // Photographers

AND Secure.

The constant for every photographer is the need to keep 
your gear protected from theft and the elements—
and on that front TruckVault® has you covered.

Secure your valuable camera gear

Camera bodies, lenses, drones, computer equipment, flashes, tripods... you name it, TruckVault can secure it. A TruckVault storage system can protect your gear not only from theft but also harmful dust, grit, and condensation -- all of which can destroy extremely valuable equipment quickly and without prejudice. 

Design and organize your TruckVault storage system for any compliment of cameras and lenses with in-drawer foam* or sturdy carpeted dividers*. Choose from a variety of lock options including push-button mechanical key override, barrel key, or electronic rear lock fob options.

Worried because your open bed pickup is exposed to the weather? Don’t be… we make an All-Weather Line that's dust-proof, water-proof, and heat-resistant.

* These items are add-ons. Consult your sales representative for best fit and pricing.

"Before this new setup, I could have never imagined being able to haul and organize this amount of professional gear while on the road."

Scott Kranz // Photographer & Filmmaker


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