Model # PM2U

Pickup Series // Covered Bed Line

Magnum 2 Drawer

The Magnum 2 Drawer carpeted series for Covered pickups is the perfect design for anyone looking for low-profile, high-security storage. A 2,000 lb. top load capacity ensures you arrive safely with your cargo. Utilizing our Strike Guard® technology with a Simplex combination lock, this is one of the most secure systems on the market.

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Key Features

Approx. Width Approx. Length Drawer Count Magnum Drawer Depth Approx. Weight
48 " 75.5" 2 10.125 " 130 - 265 LBS
  • Two even-width Magnum drawers with 10” interior height.
  • Strike Guard® system with high-security Simplex combination lock.
  • Integrated Wing kit bridges gaps caused by the wheel wells.
  • Carpeted inside and out with organizational dividers available upon request.
  • Made with MDO which is strong, heat resistant, and highly customizable.