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No matter what our personal interests are and what we like to do in our free time, we all have valuables that we take with us in our every day activities. Many people make the mistake of assuming their things will be safe if they leave them in the car for an hour or so while they grab a bite to eat from the mall. This results in too many people coming to TruckVault® once it's too late and their valuables have already been stolen from their vehicle. You invest money in your belongings but even more than that, your every day belongings hold sentimental value that can never be repurchased. Whether you're driving a Civic, Camry, a Rav4, or any other vehicle for your daily hustle -- Lock It Up® with a TruckVault secure storage system.

TruckVault provides handcrafted secure storage solutions for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road. We have many standard designs but love to play around and create cool custom designs for customers who need a little extra space or want to show off to their friends. Whatever your needs, TruckVault has a solution for you.

"Whether it's my childrens' baseball practices, tailgating with friends, or out on the trail with my dog, life has me all over the place. My TruckVault is with me no matter what."

James Johnson // Middle-aged Overweight dad


Offering a variety of product options for SUVs  ranging from single drawers to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

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Offering all-weather and carpeted product options for pickups ranging from two-drawer setups to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

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Offering a selection of product options for sedans including single drawer storage systems in elevated or floor mounted configurations.

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