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3rd Row Seat Removed 3rd Row Seat Folded Rear Bucket Seats 3rd Row Seat Brackets Cargo Area Sub-Woofer Hybrid Vehicle Has Prisoner/K9 Cage HD 250/350, 2500/3500 Extended Cab Crew / Double Cab Spray-in Bed Liner Drop-in Bed Liner Folding Step in Tailgate Toolboxes in Sidewall

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Single Level SUV Covered Pickup All Weather Pickup Multi-Level Cmd Center Sedan Elevated in Cargo Area (Recent Model Years Only) Elevated Unit in Trunk Pickup SeatVault Basecamp Line Drone Responder Line TruckGlide Pro Line

SUV Length


Short Length One / Mid Length Full Length

Pickup Length


5.0' Bed 5.5' Bed 6.0' Bed 6.5' Bed 8.0' Bed



Standard Height Utility Height Magnum Height



1 Drawer 2 Drawers Offset Drawers Half TruckVault - Driver's Side Half TruckVault - Passenger's Side Half TruckVault - Driver's Side Half TruckVault - Passenger's Side Half TruckVault - Driver's Side Half TruckVault - Passenger's Side Half TruckVault - Driver's Side Half TruckVault - Passenger's Side



1 Door 2 Door

Command Center Model


Chief Captain LX TAC Center Investigator Field Ranger Special Ops

Basecamp Model


Base Camp Model (BC1) Base Camp Model (BC2) Base Camp Model (BC3) Base Camp Model (BC4) Base Camp Model (BC5)

Drone Responder


Drone Responder 6 Drone Responder 7 Drone Responder 8 Drone Responder 9 Drone Responder 10

Pro Line


Pro Line Model 1 Pro Line Model 2 Pro Line Model 3 Pro Line Model 4 Pro Line Model 5 Pro Line Model 6



Full-Sized TruckGlide 92" L Full-Sized TruckGlide 80" L Full-Sized TruckGlide 77" L Full-Sized TruckGlide 73" L Full-Sized TruckGlide 65" L Full-Sized TruckGlide 60" L Half-Width TruckGlide 92" L Half-Width TruckGlide 80" L Half-Width TruckGlide 77" L Half-Width TruckGlide 73" L Half-Width TruckGlide 65" L Half-Width TruckGlide 60" L Mid-sized TruckGlide 65" L Mid-sized TruckGlide 56" L Mid-sized TruckGlide 53" L

Product Options

Exterior Carpet / Coating


Gray Cinder Black Beige Bed Rug Gray

Interior Carpet


Gray Cinder Black Beige Bed Rug Gray

Drawer Fronts


Black Composite Walnut Teak Zebrawood

Drawer Locks

with Strike Guard ®    

Push Button with Strike Guard and key override Fob Remote Control Compression Lock

Package Dividers


No Package Dividers 2 Long, 2 Short Std Height 3 Diagonal Std Height 3 Long Std Height 2 Long, 2 Short Utl Height 3 Diagonal Utl Height 3 Long Utl Height 2 Long, 2 Short Mag Height 3 Diagonal Mag Height 3 Long Mag Height

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Extra Short Dividers


No Additional Short Div   +1 Std Short Divider +1 Utl Short Divider +1 Mag Short Divider +2 Std Short Dividers +2 Utl Short Dividers +2 Mag Short Dividers

Extra Long Dividers


No Additional Long Div   +1 Std Long Divider +1 Utl Long Divider +1 Mag Long Divider +2 Std Long Dividers +2 Utl Long Dividers +2 Mag Long Dividers

Technology Platform


No TTP   1 Drawer 12v/110v/600w TTP 1 Drawer 12v/110v/1000w TTP

In-Drawer Lighting


No In-Drawer Lighting   1 In-Drawer Light 2 In-Drawer Lights 3 In-Drawer Lights 4 In-Drawer Lights

Table Extension


No Table Extension   Low Profile Table Extension (2.5" H) Heavy-Duty Table Extension (4.5" H)

Map Board


No In-Drawer Map Board   In-Drawer Map Board Map Board w/ Pencil Cubby

Drawer Foam


Drawer Foam

Surface Coat


Surface Coat Top & Sides

Steel Shroud


Steel Shroud

Tie-Down Rails


Tie-Down Rails

Spare Tire Access Lift


No Spare Tire Access Lift Spare Tire Access Lift Spare Tire Access Lift with Radio Tray



No TruckGlide   TruckGlide Full Width

TruckGlide Mount


Mount TruckGlide on top of TruckVault

TruckVault Daybox


No Daybox   Standard Daybox & Mounting Bracket (5" H) Magnum Daybox & Mounting Bracket (8" H)



No ShotLock   Shotgun Mechanical Handgun Mechanical AR Mechanical

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