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Be prepared
not scared.

Keep your gear safe and secure. Ensure
that your essentials are never far.

Secure storage for preppers


There is no way to know what will happen tomorrow and in today's world it seems that things are changing every day. That's why you take the extra steps today so that you'll be ready if and when you need to be self-reliant. A TruckVault® storage system will fit seamlessly into any prepper's plans. With unrivaled durability, our products will keep your guns and gear safe for years to come, no matter what the world looks like. Our superior materials, versatility, and functionality are what set us apart. Your TruckVault system won't falter so you can have your mind on more important issues. Whether you drive a Wrangler, 4Runner, F-150, or other keep your gear safe and secure and Lock It Up® with a TruckVault storage system.


"You don't think you need it....
until you need it."

John Bartolo // Podcast host 


Turn your vehicle into a rolling command post. Stack multiple drawers, cubbies, and other storage systems to maximize the secure storage space available.


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Make your friends jealous with a secure storage system for your truck. Choose from a variety of options such a half-width, full bed, or SeatVault to store your most precious gear.

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