Putting TruckVault to the Test: Burn and Water Trials Unveil Unyielding Durability

When considering any product, we understand people tend to dig deep to ensure it's worth the buy. With that in mind, we took the All-Weather TruckVault for a serious spin, determined to put any doubts to rest. After putting it through some serious testing, we present you with our findings: TruckVault systems are the real deal.

Disclaimer: All actions discussed and performed in this content are by trained professionals. For the safety of you and others, do not attempt recreate what you’re about to see.

"All-Weather TruckVaults stand up against anything."

- Ross roberts, TruckVault Marketing Director

Under the supervision of Day Creek Fire Department, we burned a 1989 Chevy c10 for approximately 24 minutes. That’s nearly 3 times longer than the 9 minute 20 second structural fire response time reported by FEMS. During that time, the temperature of the flames exceeded 1,100°F externally, while the interior temperature peaked at a comfortable 70.8°F according to our HTP.wx Sensor.

Firemen work to extinguish the pickup truck housing the TruckVault All-Weather system.

The contents of the drawers all remained unscathed. This is our second burn test, so we were confident that the vault would perform. The main difference being that the unit burned this night was coated in a weatherproof lining rather than carpeted. Spectators bravely and voluntarily deposited prized items like firearms, Jordan’s, beloved toys, and a DJ Mavic Enterprise drone. The total value of the contents in the flaming drawers exceeded $10,000! At the end, each person happily retrieved their unscathed possessions. Don Fenton, General Manager at ShotLock, was astonished upon collecting his pistol, claiming “it’s not even warm!”

"It's not even warm!"

- Don Fenton, Shotlock GM

After the charred vehicle was returned to the TruckVault headquarters, Marketing Director Ross Roberts tested the resilience of the bulb seal on the All-Weather drawers. This is the main feature of the All-Weather Line which prevents water, dust, and debris from entering the drawers. A pressure washer was used to direct water at the seal directly. Even after subjecting this TruckVault system to intense flames, the bulb seal kept water out of the drawers.

Roberts directs pressure washer at drawer edges and openings, attempting to get water past the All-Weather drawers' bulb seal.

TruckVault All-Weather drawers do not have an official fireproof or waterproof rating, however the results of our test speak for themselves. As Roberts states in the video “All-Weather TruckVaults stand up against anything.”