The Best Overlanding Camp Kitchen

TruckVault Base Camp Line Offers an Extremely Portable Camp Kitchen

There’s a million things you could be doing while overlanding, but one thing you have to do is eat. In addition to secure storage and a sleeping platform, our Base Camp 1 and Base Camp 5 boast an impressive camp kitchen drawer, complete with stove storage, a cutting board, utensil drawers, and kitchen storage. Let’s take a closer look:

To be the best truck bed camp kitchen, you’ve gotta start by having a dialed-in area for your camp stove. With the ability to house most common camp stoves (or uncommon ones, like the Jetboil Genesis we love), our stove storage area means you’re covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

No tailgate kitchen is complete without a surface to prep on. Enter our bamboo cutting board. Double the size of most cutting boards, our cutting board provides ample room for prep, slicing, dicing and serving. Once the feasting is finished, simply pop the cutting board off the magnetized hooks for easy washability.

Talk about convenient. Built into the side of the drawer are two utensil drawers, used for cutlery, spices, or perhaps a few bottles of the good stuff. Supported by soft-close slides, these drawers stay shut when you need space and open up for easy utensil access.

The back half of the camp kitchen drawer is a portable pantry, perfect for storing all your non-perishables in addition to pots, pans, or whatever other equipment you need to cook up a feast. It’s not a bad place to toss other camping gear either - sleeping bags, chairs, and other inexpensive items stuff nicely into the drawer.

A portable camp kitchen is a must-have while car camping. Take it from our friend Gerard Masih. “The best thing about it is it’s a solid system,” said Gerard. “Everything’s convenient and in a nice place. I’ve got a place for my spices, I’ve got a nice big cutting board, a big surface area for me to cook on.”

Want the ability to tailgate from just about anywhere?