5 Reasons Why TruckVault is the Best Truckbed Camping Solution

If you spend any amount of time camping out of your truck bed, you know the difficult balance of comfort, organization, storage and security. When you only have a few square feet to work with, it can be tricky business to make everything fit in a convenient way while allowing space to relax and rejuvenate. Here’s 5 reasons why TruckVault is the best solution for a truck bed camping system:

1. Keep your stuff safe
We won’t beat around the bush: secure storage is what we’re best at. No other competitor comes close to creating a camping drawer system so secure and indestructible. Especially important at trailheads, our secure storage drawers give you the peace of mind to leave any sort of sensitive, expensive gear in your vehicle, knowing it will be there when you get back. On our company camping trips, we’ve stored camera gear, guns, laptops, climbing shoes and more, and never once had to worry.

2. A few zzz’s
One of the most difficult aspects of camping out of your truck is simply getting a good night’s sleep. Our systems double as a flat surface ideal for a truck bed sleeping platform to lay a mattress on. Make sure you check the specs for your vehicle and common mattress sizes, but our full-width systems can usually fit a queen size for couples, while the half-widths fit a twin size for individuals. If you need some extra headspace, consider a thinner tri-fold camping mattress.

3. Stay organized
Within our secure storage drawers, as well as in custom camping builds, we offer a variety of dividers, shelving and cubbies to turn your truck bed into nothing short of a tiny home in which everything has its place. For those living out of their trucks for an extended period of time, an organized truck bed can be a game-changer. We’d recommend considering a truck bed shell topper with opening windows or doors on the side for greatest access to your belongings.

4. Rugged and durable
With the ability to handle up to 2,000 pounds on top, TruckVault systems are the most durable, well-crafted camping rigs on the market. Not only can they handle the biggest, heaviest objects, but also the tiniest, most invasive. Dirt, dust and water, which your vehicle will face plenty of while out on the road, stand no chance of getting inside our All-Weather coated lockable drawer systems. The result is that your gear stays not only totally secure, but clean and dry.

5. Built for you
As is the case with any of our systems, customizability is the name of the game. There are a wide variety of configurations we can utilize to fit your lifestyle. We know that different sleeping/cooking/working/recreating situations require different types of systems, so we design our products in tandem with the customer to ensure you are getting the perfect width, height, finish, number of drawers and more. We can even include electrical outlets for charging your gear while on the go or install a custom camp kitchen pullout! We would love the chance to help you build the perfect truck bed camping system to suit your needs.