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Hidden and ready
Adjustable feet
BedVault and Components
Hidden and ready at a moments notice
Rear adjustable feet
Fully exposed with bed skirt removed
Preinstalltion with Fob lock Components

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The ace up your sleeve

The BedVault provides safe and secure storage for your firearms, ammunition and other valuables in a locked drawer environment discreetly concealed under your bed.

The BedVault attaches underneath or directly to your twin, full, queen or king bed frame and is hidden by your bed skirt from prying eyes. Adjustable feet in the back level the unit while heavy duty sheet metal screws secure it firmly in place to your frame rail, making it virtually impossible to move unless you tear the entire bed apart. Available in keyless fob lock remote entry, push button key override and barrel key locking options.

There is a BedVault model built for every level of comfort and security need.

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